6 of the Best Places to Honeymoon in September

When planning your big day, the best part is picking out a destination for your honeymoon. After the stresses of planning the perfect day to commemorate your love, you deserve a holiday to relax and celebrate.

There are many factors to keep in mind when picking out the perfect destination. You wouldn’t want to go on a romantic, tropical island holiday, only to find out that you’ve arrived in the middle of the rainy season. We know it can be stressful, so we decided to do our research, so that you don’t have to. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of amazing destinations for those honeymooning in September.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


September is a great time to visit Dubrovnik. Most of the cruise ships are likely to have left the port, so you are sure to avoid the crowds. Additionally, the waters are still warm enough to swim in and although the weather has started to cool down, it’s not yet so cold that you wouldn’t enjoy outdoor activities.

Honeymooning in Dubrovnik:

This romantic city in Croatia fits the list for most types of honeymoons. Dubrovnik’s pristine beaches offer the finest spots to enjoy the sun and take a dip in the sea.

If you prefer a cultural experience, take a tour through the town and its rich history. For the adventurous newlyweds, try out kayaking, rafting, jet ski or speed-boat tours.

Dubrovnik weather in September:

The beginning of September is still quite warm, with highs of up to 25°C. The temperature starts to drop throughout September, so, by the end of the month, you can expect highs to settle at about 20°C. The rainy season also begins around September, so don’t be surprised if you find a couple of wet days.

Dubrovnik best things to do:

  • Go on a walking tour to see the location in which Game of Thrones was filmed.
  • Visit the Walls of Dubrovnik
  • Experience the Dubrovnik cable car

Montreal, Canada

With temperatures cooling down in September, the large crowd of tourists, which typically populate Montreal during summer, will have started to dwindle. This will allow you to enjoy the experience of all that is on offer without battling through many queues or fully booked restaurants.

Honeymooning in Montreal:

This largely French-speaking city is resplendent with romance. Take a dreamy ride in a horse-drawn carriage through Old Quebec and enjoy the sights of this romantic town. The Botanical Gardens offer a picturesque walking experience, and the Gardens of Light is held annually, offering a nighttime show of cultural light displays.

There are lakes and sandy beaches to relax at or try your hand at water sports. For the courageous, release your wild side with an adrenaline-packed adventure, such as zip lining or bungee jumping.

Montreal weather in September:

Temperatures in September peak at around 20°C, which allows for outdoor activities and not too many layers of clothing. Rainy days are few in September, but we would suggest bringing an umbrella just in case. 

Montreal things to do:

  • Catch a saucy film at Cinema l’Amour, an adults film cinema (according to their website, couples can enter for free on a Monday or Tuesday)
  • Visit the biodome
  • Take an evening sightseeing cruise


With Kenya being below the equator, September means Spring, and so the weather here begins to grow warmer. It’s a great place to visit for a safari honeymoon because the weather is perfect for wildlife watching. Animals are sure to be out and about, and there are fewer tourists to share the view with.

Honeymooning in Kenya:

Kenya offers a variety of Safari tours and resorts. It is also home to amazing beaches, making it the perfect honeymoon spot for the outdoor-loving couple. While enjoying your beach holiday, try out kite-surfing, kayaking, windsurfing or paddle-boarding. You can also try out diving, snorkeling, big game fishing and sailing.

The Safari game drives are a magical experience, offering the opportunity to view Africa’s Big Five, as well as many other wildlife animals. Most lodges will have honeymoon tents, which give you the opportunity to sleep close to nature, but still remain comfortable.

In the city of Nairobi, there are a multitude of markets to browse through and landmarks to visit. It offers an indoor rock climbing gym, a solar ice rink, and even paintball. You could also do a coffee tour, boat ride or a picnic in one of the gardens around the city.

Kenya weather in September:

September will provide you with warm, dry days. Pack lots of sunscreen for outdoor adventures in the African sun, and don’t forget your swimming costume. 

Kenya things to do:

  • Take a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara
  • Watch a film at the 7D cinema at Thika Road Mall
  • Visit the Giraffe Center, Snake Park and Butterfly Center


Hawaii is, of course, an extremely popular holiday destination. With most countries beginning their school year in September, the tourist crowds are few, and prices a little lower.

Honeymooning in Hawaii:

There are six main islands to choose from when looking at where to honeymoon in Hawaii. It is relatively easy, to island hop daily, experience all there is to offer on each island, and still makeit back to your hotel by sunset. You can decide between a lovely, calm day at one of the beaches on the islands or enjoy a couple’s oceanside massage.

If you need something more exciting, have a look at shark diving or snorkeling. Perhaps you could get your spouse up early for a hike up Mount Haleakala on Maui and catch an unforgettable sunrise experience. To end off a romantic day, book a private sunset cruise with champagne along the warm Pacific waters.

Hawaii weather in September:

September is a warm month with lots of sunshine, so pack light, bring lots of sunscreen and pack clothing that is comfortable and breezy for island exploring.

Hawaii things to do:

  • An Authentic Hawaiian Luau
  • Private Helicopter Tour
  • Stargazing at Mauna Kea


Madagascar offers you a paradise of beaches, reefs and rainforests; as well as a large number of animal and plant life that are endemic to the island. September is a great month to visit and be able to catch site of some whales, birds and lemurs.

Honeymooning in Madagascar:

Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday, a safari trip or an adventure to remember, this island has it all. If you plan well, you could fit it all in before you have to leave.

There are multiple beach locations where you can enjoy peace and tranquility or take a snorkel through the clear waters. A Safari tour will show you the true uniqueness of this island’s ecosystem and the wildlife that exist in it.

Madagascar weather in September:

September in Madagascar is warm, winter is ending and spring is beginning, however, you may get some rain during your stay. Pack for your beach holiday but include one or two warmer and waterproof items.

Madagascar things to do:

  • Track the Lemurs, birds and catch the last of the whale watching season
  • Dive with the turtles and whale sharks
  • Go on a Madavoile Cruise

Galway, Ireland

If you were to honeymoon in Galway, September is the month to do it. The skies are generally clear and the weather is typically fair. You can enjoy this lovely town and explore it’s beauty without being held back by cold or rain.

Honeymooning in Galway:

For old-world romance and picnics in lush green fields, Galway holds the key to the perfect honeymoon. As long as you don’t want too much sun. Check into a quaint B&B and spend cosy nights of romance by the fireplace. Enjoy folk music in the local pubs, with the ultimate comfort food and lots of great beer.

There are various outdoor tours and activities on offer, such as rock climbing, kayaking and surfing (if the weather plays nice). Visit the museums, like the Thomas Dillon’s Claddagh Ring Museum or the Galway City Museum or continue the cultural experience by going to see a show at one of Galway’s theatres.

Galway weather in September:

September is one of the warmer months in Galway. You’ll experience highs of around 19°C. However, you should definitely pack in warmer clothing and some gear for rainy days. Find those cute wellington boots and colourful umbrellas, and you’ll be set. 

Galway things to do:

  • Buy a Claddagh ring – a special honeymoon souvenir
  • Ride the Ferris wheel in Salthill
  • Try a romantic dinner onboard an original Orient Express train carriage

Booking your honeymoon in September has many benefits, and as you can see, you have great destinations to choose from. There are also many different types of places you can visit. Whether you are looking for a safari, beach holiday, adventure or an old-world romance town, you can take your pick.

Some of these amazing places even offer more than one type of honeymoon experience.

Your honeymoon is sure to be a great success no matter where you decide to travel. Just remember to find a place that suits both you and your new spouse. Try not to stress too much about it; most of your holiday will surely be spent enjoying each other’s company, which is more than possible no matter where you choose to go.


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