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The name Zanzibar immediately conjures up images of soft, white sand, white-sailed dhows on azure blue waters, fringed with palm trees and drinks in coconuts. Yes, it is all of that, but Zanzibar is also so much more! Follow our amazing destination expert, Polly, as she is once again globetrotting to find the best locations and honeymoon ideas for you! Destination: Zanzibar.

Day1: After landing in a very humid Zanzibar, we were pleasantly surprised with the customs/immigration. We waited a while for our luggage, it is all manually done, so it is understandable and really makes you feel like you have now arrived in Zanzibar!

Now for a 45-minute drive to Blue Bay to start our Educational! Blissful sunsets, kaleidoscopes of sights, tastes and smells and centuries of tradition and culture, here we come!

First stop is at Blue Bay hotel, where we will be spending our first night. This 5* hotel, a mere one-minute walk from the beach, is filled with Swahili charm. We were treated to a traditional Tanzanian dance whilst enjoying some snacks and refreshments by the Beach Bar. What a treat!

After our warm welcome, we started our site inspection of the various spacious rooms. Through a walkway, we made our way to the sister hotel, the 4* Sultan Sands, where Blue Bay guests can enjoy facilities as well.

Back at our hotel, we had a quick shower and were off to dinner! Our group gathered, and we were served private cocktails and snacks. Nothing like sipping on a cocktail by the pool (an Island Sunset for me, thanks) while taking in the relaxing, tropical atmosphere.

Loving Zanzibar!

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