Honeymoon in November | 6 Fairytale Locations Worldwide

Deciding on your honeymoon date is almost as big as choosing the day of your wedding. While the wedding sets the stage for a magical memory with your friends and family, honeymoons are catered for you and your lover. 

Your first holiday as a married couple is magical, and part of this magic comes from the fairytale destination. 

If your budget allows, the world is your oyster and you can jet set to any destination of your desire. On the other hand, having a smaller budget doesn’t stop you from travelling to budget-friendly locations that are just as spectacular and opting for a honeymoon package.

November brings summer to the southern hemisphere and winter to the north. While there are plenty of stunning winter destinations, sometimes a summer holiday is all we really want. 

Explore your options with these enchanting island destinations for honeymoons in November.

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Best Honeymoon Destinations in November

From tropical islands to food-focused locations, you have the opportunity to pick a place that’s everything you’ve ever dreamed about. These destinations can be suited to a number of different budgets, preferences for couples, and the weather.

Before embarking on your once in a lifetime adventure, make sure you have everything packed and ready for days soaking up each other’s love. Taking a bottle of your favourite wine is a good way to start off your honeymoon once you’ve arrived. 

1. Zanzibar: An Affordable Island Stay

Islands are the top choice for when it comes to romantic honeymoons. Zanzibar promises the experience of underwater explorations and feasting under palm trees. As well as adventures, hopping around the island, and relaxing on the beach.

The semi-autonomous archipelago holds charming ancient cities made from stone, friendly locals who are always ready to share their recommendations, and slow-paced living. There’s an old fort to visit, numerous beaches to wander and even a butterfly centre to stop at.

The island is also aware of how much attention it gets from honeymooners. You’ll find an array of honeymoon packages to make your experience hassle-free upon arrival. They’ll include ocean activities in the turquoise waters and incredible dining that features their iconic variety of spices. As well as accommodation located just steps away from the shores.

2. Madagascar: A Secluded Paradise

Some couples prefer a lack of tourists when they’re spending quality time together. Maybe they’re looking to find a destination that’s largely untouched by the rest of the world.  Madagascar is an enticing country that shows you just how special a place can be, despite its lack of tourism infrastructures. 

Madagascar is situated off the coast of Mozambique, blessed with the warm Indian Ocean and tropical climate. As much as 90% of the flora and fauna on the island is indigenous to Madagascar, making it a truly one of a kind destination for travellers. 

Consider a honeymoon here as a chance to get lost in nature, marvel at the spectacular scenery, and indulge in freshly caught seafood. 

3. Maldives: Heavenly Resorts & Luxury Living

For many of us, a romantic trip to the Maldives seems like a far-fetched dream, something we can only imagine. The good news is that a honeymoon is a fantastic time to turn your dreams into a reality. It’s an excuse to see a place you’ve always imagined travelling to.

The Maldives is one of the top honeymoon destinations in November. With a magnitude of incredible resorts, colourful sea life, romantic experiences, and thrilling water sports, the choice is yours to create an unforgettable itinerary. 

With a purely romantic outlook, couples can take long beach walks, plan a day at the 5-star spas and end each afternoon with a Maldivian feast. 

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4. Thailand: An Adventure Awaiting

Thailand is definitely a place well suited for adventure-seeking couples. The ancient ruins of Sukhothai, tropical forests, royal palaces, and traditional temples line the landscapes. Being relatively affordable, couples can hop between the various islands, all of which offer something alluring. 

Thailand is a year-round destination, so each of the islands can be explored throughout November. Bouncing between islands is relatively simple, and an exciting way to make your honeymoon extra adventurous.

Koh Phi Phi is ideal for those looking for a secluded romantic getaway, while Krabi is fantastic for island adventures. Hua Hin is a beautiful spot for beachside accommodation, and Pattaya is great for nightlife and water sports. 

5. Seychelles: Sunsets & Private Beaches

Seychelles is a place where you can find some of the world’s best beaches, which are often secluded, with minimal human interference. 

Picture cruising on a catamaran and venturing to small islands throughout your stay. One of the most iconic activities in Seychelles is barbequing on an uninhabited island with fresh fish and local fruits. These day activities also include snorkelling in the clear waters and discovering the colourful marine life that fills the waters. 

Seychelles offers everything you would need for a perfect island honeymoon. With awe-inspiring beaches, world-renowned hotels, and unforgettable spa treatments. 

Perhaps you’ve already started a family before tying the knot? Seychelles is an awesome family honeymoon destination. The hotels offer babysitting services, water sports catered for kids, and shallow waters for beach days. 

6. Reunion Island: An Unexpected Gem

Although these are all island destinations, it’s not to say that each and every island offers something completely different. Reunion Island is one of the lesser-visited islands, only because it’s recently just started to improve its tourism efforts and update the impressive resorts. 

Visit an active volcano and trek through the jungle landscapes to reach lookout points that show off insanely beautiful scenes. As well as stunning views, there are waterfalls to be found all around the island – taking a dip in the water below is a must. 

Not only are there landscapes to marvel at, but Reunion also offers a mix of authentic cultures from Asian markets and African cuisines to Islamic-styled rituals. 

November beach holidays in these destinations are absolutely magnificent given their warm climates and low rainfall. So leave the stress at home and fly off to enjoy a blissful vacation as a newly married couple. 

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November Honeymoon: Incredible Islands Await You

While planning a wedding can be busy and at times a bit stressful, a honeymoon can be just the opposite. It’s less worrying about other people and more about dedicating time for you and your partner. 

Pick a place that’ll work best for you two, and leave you with memories that’ll always bring you smiles. November beach holidays in these destinations are absolutely magnificent given their warm climates and low rainfall. So leave the stress at home and fly off to enjoy a blissful vacation as a newly married couple. 

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