5 Reasons Thailand is the Best Place to go on Honeymoon

Deciding where to go on a honeymoon is a huge decision for any couple. You want to make sure your first holiday together is nothing short of magical!Thailand has been a top-rated honeymoon destination for many years and will remain so, even after the Coup. Its military took over the government early in 2014 – for the 19th time since 1932. Thailands Tourist Authority did report a drop in tourism since the news spread. The military has cleared the beaches, resulting in fewer places to eat and less clutter, making the beaches have a more natural feel. All curfews were soon removed and there is no hostility in the year I’ve been living in Thailand

Every day I see a honeymoon couple zooming around Thailand with smiles that possibly outshine the locals. These smiles are infectious, and with good reason. Thailand has been voted a top honeymoon destination by The Huffington Post and Fodors, among others.

Why is Thailand a good honeymoon destination

Thailand is a favourite amongst honeymooners for many reasons. Its incredible natural beauty and luxury at a great price are just two of the reasons people keep coming back. Here are a few of the main reasons the answer to the question ‘Is Thailand good for honeymoon’ is a resounding ‘Yes!’

It’s Cost-effective

Thailand is known to be a great place to travel if you are on a budget. It is one of the few destinations that offer you such a variety of prices. Popular Thai foods like pad thai can be bought for only 50thb or R17, chicken and cashew nuts for 100thb, and a pizza or hamburger for 200thb and up.

The Islands

In coastal pictures of Thailand, you are usually bound to see an island or a long boat. It’s extremely easy and accessible to go island hopping, cliff diving, hiking, caving or snorkelling, or if you’re really lucky, you could go to an island and have everything the eye can see to yourself. Remember to pack a picnic basket.

The Food

Thai food is known around the world to have a great combination of spicy flavours and sweet aromas. These dishes are delicious and really inexpensive. You can also buy an abundance of raw fruit and shakes from the many street vendors around. If your tastes are more Western, Thailand really caters to that. With a lot of Western influences in the cuisine, you are sure to find something you like.

The Spas & Couples Massages

Thailand is world-renowned for its inexpensive massages. You don’t need to walk far to find a massage or spa in Thailand. They offer a wide variety of treatments, from the famous Thai massage or Swedish massage to aloe vera massage. Rates start at 250THB or R90 per hour.

The Shopping

Thailand has some of the most amazing markets happening most nights. Once a week or on the weekends, the touristy markets open up and you can find ANYTHING. I did two families’ Christmas shopping in two hours for less than you can imagine. If you are looking for something more authentic, Phuket and Bangkok have some awesome malls with all the big brands.

Thailand is one of the top holiday destinations and will remain a magical place to have your honeymoon for years to come. Some other things did not make this list but will be in my post on 10 reasons why Thailand is an awesome place to holiday.

By: Matthew Davison

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