Maldives – Adaraan Select Hudhuraanfushi, May 2017

Dearest Des

Firstly we want to say thank you very much for arranging us the best honeymoon we could imagine. We arrived safely back home.
Our time at the beautiful Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi was amazing!

We loved every moment at the resort. It was very hot and humid but we were lucky to only have rain for one day. And to have air conditioners in the rooms. The resort itself was lovely. After the first two nights in the water bungalows, the resort manager came to us and gave us great news. They said that we can stay in the water bungalows for all 7 nights. That was so lovely.

All the staff were very friendly, the food was great and the service as well. All the flights were on time and everything went so smoothly.

We think to make the trip absolutely amazing one should stay in the overwater bungalows. I think the service is much better and they also eat separately from the rest on a lovely deck outside. (Or you can eat inside). I think the water bungalows make it far more worth the money spend.
Your service was the best! Thanks for organising such a great honeymoon for us. We already gave your contact details to so many of our friends that want to use your services. Thank you so much!!!

We look forward to using you again and plan trips together. We appreciate you a lot!
Thank you!

Warm Regards
JJ and Melinda

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