Thailand, Banthai Beach Resort & Spa – September 2017

Just Honeymoons Thailand

Hi there Monique

My husband and I just got married a month ago and I left the planning of our honeymoon to the last minute (not on purpose). I wasn’t succeeding in finding anything available (in preferred destinations) within our budget.

I came across Just Honeymoons purely by chance. I was checking out the reviews for another agency that advertised the nicest & seemingly cheaper honeymoon packages but found thousands of complaints against them. I then spotted a good review for Just Honeymoons from the recommendations at the bottom of the page then decided to check them out. [Almost] everyone seemed happy with their service so I decided to give them a try – good move!

We were left with less than a week before our desired departure date and Monique was so helpful – a true godsend. She was very happy to help us plan our honeymoon to Phuket. She was extremely easy to work with, very attentive to the details, and diligent in her follow-up and correspondence. She was very mindful of our budget and procured us a great rate on our stay and was extremely helpful with our airfare and transportation booking. She really put me to ease, offered several options, came up with good recommendations and ultimately the perfect package. There was little to no work on our end!

Just Honeymoons Thailand

Thailand was awesome, our entire travelling experience was a breeze. We were also very well taken care of by Pam (Destination Asia Rep) who also went out of her way to ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay for us. It’s such a pity it decided to rain on the days we had planned to go on our cruise to Phi-Phi Island but next time we’ll stay for longer and get to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer. The only downside was the time it took to connect our flights, otherwise, all else was great!

I just want to thank Monique for a very professional service and knowledge. She did an amazing job, we will make sure to use her again when we want to make travel plans! I woulddefinitely recommend MoniqueBerlion from Just Honeymoons to help anyone plan their honeymoon. She definitely works with you to get the honeymoon that you want.

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