USA – Los Angeles, Washington and New York, November 2015

Hey Polly and Team,

We had a wonderful holiday, thanks very much for all the assistance with it. We very much appreciate all your effort.

The flight was long hey, but we were expecting that. Thankfully, Emirates is comfortable. I have lots of dietary restrictions that can cause a significant amount of discomfort, so that fact that we ordered GFML meals beforehand really helped me out. I was able to bear through even the longest flight of 16 hours.

Hotel transfers were good and quite convenient. Much less stressful to have it pre-booked with a shuttle service, especially after a long trip.
Inter-state flights were the only area whereby we were caught off-guard as we didn’t know there was a $25-per-item baggage fee, for checked luggage. With the exchange rate what it is now, that one bit us.

The accommodation was good, we especially liked Holiday Inn. Hotel Figueroa in Downtown LA wasn’t too bad, except that there are lots of youngsters around having pool parties and drinking. 

In terms of sight-seeing, we did loads  We went to almost every tourist spot we could think off, and it was safe enough to walk around.

USA - Los Angeles, Washington and New York, November 2015
USA - Los Angeles, Washington and New York, November 2015

In Los Angeles:
JustHoneymoonsClientFeedbackSanushaStatue of Liberty• Universal Studios was the best theme park to visit, loads of fun and we spent the entire day there. We also did other theme parks like WB Studios and Paramount Studios.
• We did the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre
• We spent a day at the beach, went to Venice beach first, and did the walk across to Santa Monica Pier, which was lovely.
• We spent some time in and around Hollywood as well – Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood sign, Beverly Hills, Madame Tussauds, Rodeo Drive, etc.

In Washington:
• We went to all the Smithsonian museums, which was amazing.
• We saw the White House, Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln MemorialJustHoneymoonsClientFeedbackSanushaVeniceBeach
• We also went to Arlington Cemetery to pay our respects
• And eventually went to the National Archives to see the original Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights

In New York:
• We did Times Square and Grand Central Station and spent a day at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
• We spent another day at Central Park, which was pretty amazing
• We also paid our respects at Ground Zero, and then ended our trip with a live Basketball game at Madison Square Garden
• The highlight of the trip though was one morning in New York, where we met Bruce Willis


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