Zanzibar – My Blue – 11 Dec ’18

Hi Bronwyn

We had an amazing holiday, Thank you for Just Honeymoons and your service that assisted with our great time in Zanzibar. The Mango flight is definitely recommended as the other options takes very long. The drive from the airport wit SunTours had wifi for those who wat to let the people at home know they are safe and we were welcomed with a nice cold wet cloth to wipe our face and also cold water to drink. The drive from town was around 2 hour one way, we dis a Safari Blue trip in the south of Zanzibar and also the trip to and from the airport took 2 hours one way. The resort itself is amazing with “security” at the beach access points so no outsider comes into the resort property which makes it very safe.

The staff is always friendly helpfull, it is africa and very laid back so no one is in a rush but things get done. The power was out a couple of times but as to my understanding, this was due to building on site which also caused the wifi in our block to be out from Thursday/Friday. There was still wifi at reception and the main pool in case it was needed.

The food was more than enough and was very nice. I can understand why “foodies” can write bad reviews about the food (which I read beforehand) but take into consideration that we are in Africa in a very underdeveloped country, I was more than happy.

We enjoyed the drinks. The juice is sweet and they make the drinks strong but we found drinks that we liked and stuck to that. On the weekend they ran out of some drinks due to the high season that started on Saturday but there were still more than enough to choose from.

The room was nice and the aircon was very welcoming on those hot and humid days. Room service was on point every day with regards to the daily cleaning and nightly turndown service where they open the bed and close the mosquito net. The mini fridge was also stocked daily.

As to the trips, we did the Safari Blue in the south of Zanzibar, Zanzibuggy just down the beach and then another snorkelling trip to an island west of My Blue. We enjoyed every trip but other people did the same trips and did not enjoy it as much so it depends on what you are expecting and what makes it worth your while.

Again thanks for doing all the dirty work and allowing us to have an amazing stress free holiday.

Jaco and Andrea

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