Zanzibar, Sea Cliff Resort & Spa- December 2017

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Dear Bronwyn

Thank you for your email and professional services! It was great to know that everything was sorted out from the moment we left SA via mango and met with Hozzy at the airport!
We had a great time in Zanzibar! The island was fantastic, history-rich and overflowing with culture. Sea Cliff is a good (almost great) hotel, with an adequate beverage selection list and good food, with exceptional hospitality! I was in awe of the way the hotel’s personnel treated us. Sandeep and his team are top-notch!

Paying the extra bit for all-inclusive was worth it financially, but wish the selection of drinks was n bit broader. This, along with the limited – but very tasty food – was not deal breakers. Nothing was for that matter.

One must take into account that the tide makes a massive difference in the availability to go for a swim in the warm Indian Ocean. Different parts of the Island get affected differently. Circling back to the food; It was as stated – good and tasty! As expected the seafood selection was fantastic and delicious, and we were lucky enough to get lobster three times (once in our candlelit dinner – which was super and a must!) during our stay. The other nights was good food and a decent selection.

During our trip we did two excursions: 1) Blue Safari and 2) Stone Town tour.
Blue safari was magnificent, and worth every cent! The whole day on the sandbank and snorkelling, eating lobster and mango was/is a must! It was so worth it, that I would advise first-time travellers to rather stay in a cheaper hotel/resort but experience the fantastic trip that is Safari Blue! The hotel offered a complimentary trip to Stone Town, and we picked up a local tour guide there. It was 2 hrs and also, great to learn about Freddie Mercury and the slavery.

One must obviously be as biased as possible in these reviews. This was my first time experiencing such a holiday, and first time visiting Zanzibar. Value for money was good, and the experience the island offer was awesome. I’ll rather spend this amount in Zanzibar than in Cape Town. I cannot fully review Sea Cliff, as I have no idea what the other hotels (within the same price range and ratings) offer in Zanzibar. Will I go back to the hotel; Yes – but would like to visit the north of the island, as this offers (apparently) a better beach holiday vide. With this said, again, relaxing by the infinity pool was as good – if not better in some situations (read weather changes). Our overall experience was fantastic, and would definitely recommend it to any of your friends and colleagues!

Our next trip will be to the north/north-west of the island where we will definitely be sure to contract WebTours/Holiday factory/ lovely Bronwyn again to help make our trip once again seamless.

I have written a more in-depth review of the hotel on trip advisor.

Henro – Zanzibar Lover

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