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Hi Charne... Hope you well... I meant to message you a while ago but didn't get the chance... Thank you so much for everything from planning and preparing our honeymoon travels to the advice along the way and while we were there as well as the odd hours I worried you... Much appreciated... Just honeymoons have really superseded our expectation and will definitely do our bookings with you guys in the future... Thanks again, you've been the best most pleasant agent to have worked with ?❤❤❤

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Hi Bronwyn

Thank you!

The flight there was fine, we got upgraded on the way there to business class on the flight from Dubai which was great. So I recommend that if you, not a emirates member sign up so you get these preferences when they overbook. I just had to add my membership number when I was at the airport.

The flight back was also fine the only kak thing was the really long wait at the Maldives airport waiting for the 11 pm flight. So if there is an earlier one I would recommend it because no flights leave the islands after dark. if you are stuck at that airport though for a long time there is a lounge in the domestic section of the airport that only cost us 35 dollars for 3 hours where the rest were 55 dollars plus for 2 hours. We got food wifi etc.

Cocoon was amazing! The place is beautiful, the staff super friendly and helpful and I didn’t think that anything was super silly pricing. The only thing that I didn’t think was 5-star standard was the food, there was nothing wrong with it but it was not what I’ve had at 5-star resorts before. Even there a restaurant that you could pay to go and eat at wasn’t great. I would most definitely recommend it though to anyone loved the water villas but I would not recommend the upgraded units. The villas face the lagoon and are really nice and private whereas the units that are the upgrades face the resort and have no privacy and only a little extra bathroom space.

As for activities, the dolphin and turtle tour was our favourite (we did it twice)! The most amazing reef and awesome turtle sightings, if you love the water and diving/snorkelling. Also, every day included house reef visits on there local boat which were included as a free activity were also great and the guys who do the snorkelling trips were great! The other snorkelling tour we did “reef garden” or something was a disappointing as the reef was mostly dead.

Thank you for all your help with my questions and finding what was an amazing trip for us.   



Hi Bronwyn,

Wow! What a vacation! I would really recommend this trip to any honeymooner. The team at Machangulo really provided a personal experience that I think will be difficult to beat at other lodges. The staff is super friendly and humble people. Service was never a problem and they really go out of their way to accommodate everyone. So here are a few points from our trip which will hopefully assist you. Also, I attached a few photos as well as a nice aerial video which shows the beach and the lodge from above. 

Self drive: Make sure your documents are in order and that you do your research on driving in Moz thoroughly. We had an encounter with the Moz police where they gave me a lot of trouble regarding the size and colour of my car registration papers. But, I got off free of charge after they realised I'm not going to bride them and because my documents were still valid. Also, as you know, I couldn't find the Maputo Marina. I used the offline maps application "" which worked perfectly but could only pick up Waterfront restaurant (after my discussion over the phone with you, luckily I had roaming) and not Maputo Marina. However, google maps shows the Maputo Marina clearly. I would also recommend you to send more details regarding the gate to the boats to other self-drive vacationers as below. Also, have enough cash for each day's parking because you need to pay it when you arrive.

On return we didn't use the Lebombo/Ressano border (which was a nightmare) because of all the people trying to sell stuff and everything is in Portuguese. It's basically a very corrupt border post, especially on the Ressano side. We returned through Swaziland, which was a breeze and a beautiful drive!!! However, it was a 2.5-hour detour.

-The boat trip could be a bit bumpy and I would definitely recommend taking a nausea pill two hours beforehand. 

- The lodge itself was great and the food the best!

- Everything included in the package was very well presented by the lodge.

- The staff really make you feel at home

- Activities wise I would definitely recommend the snorkelling and we also enjoyed the free tour to Santa Maria (Beer is also cheaper there ;-) ). The have adequate kayaks, SUPs and snorkelling gear to keep one busy on the beach and they have sufficient activities each day to keep you busy (It can get a bit expensive if you were going to do everything though...)

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Nonetheless, what a great experience! Thank you so much for all your assistance in giving us an unforgettable and incredible honeymoon experience!.

Kind regards,

Jan Gabriel

Hi Bronwyn

We had an amazing holiday, Thank you for Just Honeymoons and your service that assisted with our great time in Zanzibar. The Mango flight is definitely recommended as the other options takes very long. The drive from the airport wit SunTours had wifi for those who wat to let the people at home know they are safe and we were welcomed with a nice cold wet cloth to wipe our face and also cold water to drink. The drive from town was around 2 hour one way, we dis a Safari Blue trip in the south of Zanzibar and also the trip to and from the airport took 2 hours one way. The resort itself is amazing with "security" at the beach access points so no outsider comes into the resort property which makes it very safe.

The staff is always friendly helpfull, it is africa and very laid back so no one is in a rush but things get done. The power was out a couple of times but as to my understanding, this was due to building on site which also caused the wifi in our block to be out from Thursday/Friday. There was still wifi at reception and the main pool in case it was needed.

The food was more than enough and was very nice. I can understand why "foodies" can write bad reviews about the food (which I read beforehand) but take into consideration that we are in Africa in a very underdeveloped country, I was more than happy.

We enjoyed the drinks. The juice is sweet and they make the drinks strong but we found drinks that we liked and stuck to that. On the weekend they ran out of some drinks due to the high season that started on Saturday but there were still more than enough to choose from.

The room was nice and the aircon was very welcoming on those hot and humid days. Room service was on point every day with regards to the daily cleaning and nightly turndown service where they open the bed and close the mosquito net. The mini fridge was also stocked daily.

As to the trips, we did the Safari Blue in the south of Zanzibar, Zanzibuggy just down the beach and then another snorkelling trip to an island west of My Blue. We enjoyed every trip but other people did the same trips and did not enjoy it as much so it depends on what you are expecting and what makes it worth your while.

Again thanks for doing all the dirty work and allowing us to have an amazing stress free holiday.

Jaco and Andrea

Good day Bronwyn

Sorry that I only replied to you now, but it was a hectic weekend and first day back at work.

I have only one word for you.....WOW!!!!!
The Honeymoon was the best ever!! We enjoyed it soooo much and everything worked out perfectly. From the first day, the flight was amazing and even the food on the plane was very good.

When we landed, the people at the connections desk was very friendly and helped us very good.

Then the Hotel...Very thank you for choosing such a wonderful hotel for us!! The Hotel was the best, the service, the food and drinks everything regarding the hotel was amazing!!! There is a couple of things that stood out, like the staff...They were so friendly and helpful. We even befriended some of them on facebook...Really the best hotel. There is one thing that I will gladly recommend for you to tell your next costumes, and that is I highly highly recommend that you always quote on the "All inclusive package"...I don't really know what is the difference in pricing, but I can promise you if we didn't have that the whole honeymoon would have been much more expensive. So I highly recommend that for anybody. Furthermore...the activities that we did was the Parasailing, catamaran cruise, underwater walk as well as the "Wild South West" cruise...I will recommend these to anyone that goes, but the most favourite was the underwater walk and the catamaran cruise...Extremely nice!! all very expensive, but very nice.

Lastly, I would like to thank you very much for arranging the perfect honeymoon for us!!! I would have never been able to that myself.
We are still busy sorting out all the photos as well as the wedding photos, but I will definitely send them to you shortly.

Thank you

Werner du Toit

Hello Bronwyn

Thank you very much for all your assistance, we appreciate it.
The resort was very beautiful! We had a good swimming beach and a lovely pool to lounge at! The only problem we had was the language barrier - since everything at the resort was in Italian. That was a bit of a hinderness - we could not attend anything or understand any arrangements or announcements being made. I don’t know if you have anything to do with Africa stay but we had some problems with them regarding tour arrangements and do feel that they have a lot of room for improvement! Other than that we had no issues and really enjoyed our honeymoon!

Kind regards Hannes and Christelle.

Hi Bronwyn

Words cannot describe how wonderful our honeymoon was. I have been traveling to Mozambique for more than 10 years and to various lodges and resorts and I have never experienced such great and friendly service.

The staff at Machangulo literally go out of their way to make the stay unforgettable.  We had so many surprises (Private beach lunch, private ocean view dinner, romantic picnic on the santa reserve beach and a romantic dinner in our villa).

On day one we requested that we would love to have some lobster and the chef prepared a seafood platter twice with lobster just for us. Every single staff member knows you by name and greets you with a smile and enthusiasm.

Martin, the activities manager, was such a blast.  Everyday he had something planned for us, from fishing to kayaking to snorkeling and paddleboarding, the list goes on. The wildlife at Machangulo is out of this world, we saw whales, dolphins, sea-turtles, thousands of fish while snorkeling and a huge variety of birdlife.

We thank each and every one who helped with the planning and making our honeymoon unforgettable.


Arne Cilliers

Hi Bronwyn

Thanks so much, we had a wonderful trip and I must say that I cant recommend Le Vic 2 more highly.

It is managed separately from the main hotel and feels like a small Boutique hotel; It has its own restaurant where we had our breakfast every morning and then we still had the choice of using the other restaurants on the premises.

Every room is tastefully done and has unimpeded views of the sea and the sunsets, too wonderful for words. The staff were so friendly and attentive and even although we were not one of the many honeymoon couples we felt just as special! (By the way, we have been married for 43 years so definitely not on honeymoon!)

I have posted a review online but all my pics are on my phone so can send you some form there if you like.
Thanks so much for your excellent service, we will definitely be in contact for our next travel experience.

Warm Regards
Rose Lemkus

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