Day 4, we are back for more

Rise and Shine on the fourth day of our wonderful trip in Zanzibar and guess what… NO RAIN! As if this trip couldn’t get any better…

La Gemma 1
A quick site inspection and off we go to Diamonds Mapenzi Beach Club. There is a little work to be done at this 4*, but nothing a coat of paint can’t fix – after all the rain that is! The rooms have been recently redone, and the resort has a certain Robinson Crusoe type of feel to it.

En route to Le Gemma which was about 45 minutes away, we stopped for some nature at the Fukuchani Natural Aquarium & Zoo which required a USD 5 entry fee. There we had a chance to mingle with sea turtles, chameleons and dassies!
Le Gemma… Wow, wow, wow! Enroute to Le Gemma which was about 45 minutes away we stopped for some nature USD 5 entry fee

La Gemma room La Gemma

I am so impressed with the 5* Diamonds hotel. Everything was perfect from the get-go, from the warm and well-organized welcome to the smooth check-in and the impressive deluxe room. We were treated like royalty and enjoyed a lovely dinner on the beach. The night ended with us on the dancefloor! (which may or may not have an impact on my opinion)

La Gemma sunset

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