Mauritius – Solana Beach – November 2018

Good day Bronwyn

Sorry that I only replied to you now, but it was a hectic weekend and first day back at work.

I have only one word for you…..WOW!!!!!
The Honeymoon was the best ever!! We enjoyed it soooo much and everything worked out perfectly. From the first day, the flight was amazing and even the food on the plane was very good.

When we landed, the people at the connections desk was very friendly and helped us very good.

Then the Hotel…Very thank you for choosing such a wonderful hotel for us!! The Hotel was the best, the service, the food and drinks everything regarding the hotel was amazing!!! There is a couple of things that stood out, like the staff…They were so friendly and helpful. We even befriended some of them on facebook…Really the best hotel. There is one thing that I will gladly recommend for you to tell your next costumes, and that is I highly highly recommend that you always quote on the “All inclusive package”…I don’t really know what is the difference in pricing, but I can promise you if we didn’t have that the whole honeymoon would have been much more expensive. So I highly recommend that for anybody. Furthermore…the activities that we did was the Parasailing, catamaran cruise, underwater walk as well as the “Wild South West” cruise…I will recommend these to anyone that goes, but the most favourite was the underwater walk and the catamaran cruise…Extremely nice!! all very expensive, but very nice.

Lastly, I would like to thank you very much for arranging the perfect honeymoon for us!!! I would have never been able to that myself.
We are still busy sorting out all the photos as well as the wedding photos, but I will definitely send them to you shortly.

Thank you

Werner du Toit

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