Thailand, Phuket & Phi-Phi, August 2012

Hi Edwina and Team,

I have to thank you for all the arrangements made for our honeymoon in Thailand in the month of May. Sorry for only responding now but I have been running around nonstop these past two months.

We indeed had an amazing time over there and will always just have fond memories of our honeymoon thanks to the excellent arrangements.

The flights are very nice with Thai Airways and I recently learned how good it actually was compared to a flight I had to Kenya on Kenya Airways (business).

First of all the ground handling staff is very good and they were always waiting for us ready to go.

The stay in Phuket was very nice, the hotel is just on a very busy street but it did not have any effect on our stay.

The Phi-Phi Island resort is also very nice, the rooms aren’t as nice as the other two hotels but the area is amazing with the bluest sea I have ever seen.

The hotel in Aonang is the best of the three and the town is very nice.

While in Phuket we did a city tour which included some temples, went on a day trip to James Bond island which included canoeing and swimming. We also went to see the Phuket Fantasea which is a very interesting showcase to see.

While at the Phi-Phi Island we went on a half-day snorkelling trip which was amazing and one of the stopovers was Maya Beach where they apparently made the movie The Beach.

In AoNang we did some shopping on the first day and a snorkelling trip which wasn’t too great because the water was really murky because of the weather.

All in all the trip was great with maybe two days where we did not have good weather but it did not change the fact that we had an amazing time. The flight back feels so much longer though.

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