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6 of the Best Places to Honeymoon in September

When planning your big day, the best part is picking out a destination for your honeymoon. After the stresses of planning the perfect day to commemorate your love, you deserve...
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Zanzibar Day 3, oh what a treat

Woke up to more rain, but excited to visit the 4* Ocean Resort & Spa, which is managed by a South African! The beach is great, and rooms are a...
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Day 4, we are back for more

Rise and Shine on the fourth day of our wonderful trip in Zanzibar and guess what… NO RAIN! As if this trip couldn’t get any better… A quick site inspection...
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The Best Mexico Honeymoon: Resorts, Packages, and Romantic Spots

With the wedding plans sorted, your next challenge is to make the honeymoon something to remember. You’re lucky enough to be able to take that dream trip south, but there’s...
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Honeymoon Ideas In The US

The US is an underrated honeymoon destination with lots to explore. Best Places To Honeymoon In The US If you’re from the US and you’ve been looking for the perfect...
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Exploring Zanzibar – Honeymoon Blog

The name Zanzibar immediately conjures up images of soft, white sand, white-sailed dhows on azure blue waters, fringed with palm trees and drinks in coconuts. Yes, it is all of...
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Zanzibar Day 2, I’m ready for you

This morning we woke up to rain and extreme humidity, but nothing a scrumptious breakfast can’t fix. Next stop on our travel itinerary: Heading to the Pongwe region (where you...
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The Best Places For Honeymoon In December

If you’re thinking of enjoying your romantic honeymoon in the festive month of December, you are more than spoilt for choice! Depending on your preference, you can choose to globetrot...
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